Ryan Kannett

Ryan Michael Kannett knew at an early age he would become a worldwide traveler. However, he didn’t realize until his twenties how much traveling would influence his life. What started out as a recreational hobby has turned into a lifelong passion. Ryan Kannett has currently traveled to more than twenty countries across the globe, with several more exotic trips scheduled for this year.

Ryan Kannett’s Australian Adventure

In his most recent travel adventure, Ryan M. Kannett visited the beautiful country of Australia. He flew directly from Los Angeles to Sydney and spent a few days exploring this magnificent city. A combination of tropical paradise and urban appeal, Ryan Kannett quickly found that Sydney offers a little something for everyone. From surfing the world-renowned Bondi Beach to a day-trip to the majestic Blue Mountains east of the city, Ryan Kannett didn’t have to look far for adventure in Sydney. Along with off the beaten path activities, he also explored more traditional, well-known Sydney stops including the Sydney Opera House and climbing the expansive Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Traveling North — Ryan Kannett Dives the Great Barrier Reef

After Sydney, Ryan Michael Kannett flew north to the seaside city of Cairns. Although he had never been scuba diving previously, in Cairns he earned his international scuba certification and ventured out to three dive spots on the famed Great Barrier Reef. Ryan Kannett has seen countless of beautiful, unique sites while traveling the world, but the underwater paradise of the Great Barrier Reef is near the top of his list.

The amazing country of Australia did not disappoint Ryan M. Kannett. Although he spent nearly two weeks exploring the breathtaking scenery, Ryan is already hoping to visit again someday soon. For now, though, he is looking forward to his next exotic adventure — New Zealand.